Technological and social changes will continue to transform aspects of public relations practices for long time. The most dramatic transformation in public relations has been the change from the male dominated field to the female dominated field.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

About Me!

Concerning my background, I graduated in Media Studies and am doing a Masters course in Public Communication and Public relations at The University of Westminster. Concerning hands on experience, as well as studying for my Degree, I am currently working as a part time member of staff for IND Planet Productions where we produce news bulletins and documentaries for Korean TV. I have contributed to several documentaries as a producer and production coordinator.
The reason why I am going to publish this Blog on women in PR, is because I am a women who wants to work in PR. Secondly, I have seen this trend where I am currently working. When I request permission for filming or interviewing government officials or companies, I always start by contacting the desks of the public relations specialists. Normally, in their role they set up speaking engagements and often prepare speeches for company officials. These media specialists represent employers at community projects; make films, slides, or other visual presentations at meetings and school assemblies and plan conventions. Mostly, I talk with female press officers and they deal with my quires. It seems that women dominate the communication part of orgarnisations. Therefore, I would like to investigate the female dominance in Public Relations.
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