Technological and social changes will continue to transform aspects of public relations practices for long time. The most dramatic transformation in public relations has been the change from the male dominated field to the female dominated field.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Women PR Bloggers

I could find in the auburnmedia women PR blogs’s listings compiled by Robert. Many thanks to Robert, as he shared more names to the list after writing to him. My reason for attaching the list is that although the PR industry is dominated by women, Too few women in PR are blogging, in my opinion.
Currently, they account for approximately 20% of all PR bloggers. Therefore, I would like to introduce myself and PR students with good models

Elizabeth Albrycht - CorporatePR
Lois C. Ambash - Metaforix@
barbarella - PR-Blog-World
Carolynne Bernard - CRA’s CommLog
Bite PR’s ‘bitemarks’ - Aparna Gray and Jill Ratkevic
Renee Blodgett - Down The Avenue
Toby Bloomberg - Diva Marketing
Burson-Marsteller’s e-fluentialsA global public relations and public affairs firm. Authors are: Leslie Gaines-Ross, Idil Cakim, and Sarah Dietz
Tara Calishain - PR Bop and ResearchBuzz
Elisa Camahort - Online Communication
Candi , Inspiration for library communicators - LibTalk Blog
Capulet - Several women: Julie Szabo, Media Maven; Lindsay Stewart, Marketing Virtuoso; Kathleen Moynahan, Adobe Yogi; Arwen Brenneman, Web Guru; Norlinda Ghazali, Techno-Wordsmith
Paloma Cruz - “stories from a Public Relations life”
ethority - Communication and Marketing Strategies (Germany) - Prof. Dr. Ulrike Röttger at Institute for Communication Science
Buzz Marketing with Blogs - Susannah Gardner
Jane Genova - Executive and Marketing Communications
Barb Heffner - Clark Lane
Catherine Helzerman - Helzerman’s Odd Bits
Amanda Jones - NextGen PRose (Connect PR)
Karen’s Media Relations Blog - Plymouth, Minnesota
Shawn Lea - PRAM Central Station
Alice Marshall - Presto Vivace Blog, TechnoFlak
Jennifer McClure - New Communications Blogzine
B.L. Ochman’s What’s Next weblog
Katie Paine - KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog
Maria Perez: MediaInsider
Suzanne Peterson - CommLog
Barbara Reichert, Madge Miller, and Meghan O’Driscoll - Vitamin T
Jeneane Sessum - Content Factor Weblog
Priya Shah - Blog Brandz
Robin Stavisky - New Venture Marketing
the big blog company (tBBC) - Adriana Cronin-Lukas and Jackie Danicki

All of them concern about PR, they also they introduce their daily professional lives through their Blog.


Blogger Robert said...

Happy to find your blog and I have added you to the list of Women PR Bloggers you referenced. I look forward to following your blog.

6:07 am

Blogger Manuela Gsponer said...

Hi there

I just wanted to add some more information about Gender and PR. My blog is on PR research trends and you can find the newest research trend concerning Gender and PR there:

Have a nice Day

Manuela Gsponer

2:16 pm

Blogger Kami Huyse, APR said...

This is GREAT, I was thinking the same thing, most of the bloggers are men indeed. Is that because they are more highly represented in tech PR? I am glad to find your blog and look forward to reading it. I will also check out the Gender and PR blog. I have a PR blog at

4:17 pm

Blogger Jeremy said...

And, don't forget Robert's students!!

9:06 am

Anonymous Paull Young said...

While you're considering Robert's students, make sure you check out Forward (

We've got a number of great female bloggers contributing, in particular our Managing Editor Erin Caldwell.

11:10 pm

Blogger Alex Pullin said...

Thank you for this list.

Here in the UK we have some student Women PR bloggers such as
Chloe Chaplin (,
Sam Wilcox (
and my own blog (

10:49 am

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
See you.

11:58 am

Anonymous Crosby said...

thank you so much for this list - great idea!

my blog is on Fashion/Lifestyle PR - and I would love to be on your list.

12:36 am

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Anonymous Sarah Hayman said...

As a headhunter in PR, I'm always interested to read more blogs by female authors. In an industry which is female dominated it amazes me that blogging is where the boys lead the way!

11:03 am

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