Technological and social changes will continue to transform aspects of public relations practices for long time. The most dramatic transformation in public relations has been the change from the male dominated field to the female dominated field.

Monday, March 06, 2006

PR in Korea

Recently, there has been growing interest in public relations as a profession and college – level public relations education in Korea. The skill and techniques employed in the United States public relations has grown increasingly sophisticated in the past few decades, but the practice of public relations in Korea is still in the formative stage.
‘Hong Bo’ which is Public Relations in Korean was translated as the Korea Academic Society of Public Relations. Some practitioners insist that the term ‘Hong Bo’ must be changed into public relations. And recently, many practitioners seek accredited public relations professionals like APR (accredited public relations) of PRSA or ABC (accredited business communicator) of IABC; there are 6 PR practitioners owns APR.
In terms of education system, department of public relations was always linked with the advertising, but undergraduate and graduated levels are getting offer course just on public relations.